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Moshiach Yom Yom: 3-9 Adar Sheini
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad 


3 Adar Sheini: even higher than pleasure
Concerning the Future to Come, it says, “I will remove the spirit of impurity from the earth.” At that time, Divine service will consist solely of rising ever higher within goodness and holiness [without having to contend with the nullification of evil]. The ultimate elevation will be that of a service that is on a level even higher than taanug (pleasure), as opposed to a service of kabbalas ol, submitting oneself to G-d’s will.

(Seifer HaMaamarim Meluket Vol. 2, p. 223)


4 Adar Sheini: Do as they do
We see that there are people who transgress His will, even in public. Indeed, “Kol ha’mona shel Romi” (the clamor of the throngs of Rome), all the negative things are done publicly and noisily, not covertly. The way to nullify this shturm of the “other side” is by doing as they do. That is to say that the Divine service of those who do His will should also be “heard,” specifically in the place of “the clamor of the throngs of Rome.” This approach will lead to, “If this is so concerning those who transgress His will, how much more is this so concerning those who fulfill His will.” Then, Jews will “sit securely and quietly” on their land, through “the blowing of the great shofar,” through the “sound of the herald, the herald who announces,” heralding the Redemption, speedily now!

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 16, Tetzaveh 2)


5 Adar Sheini: An end of birurim, a beginning of yechudim
In the Days of Moshiach, after the completion of the Divine service of birurim (sifting), when evil will have been separated from good, “They will not be occupied with Torah and mitzvos for the sake of sifting out the birurim; rather, they will achieve loftier yechudim...through the inner dimension of the Torah, and fulfill mitzvos with lofty kavanos...the inner dimension of the mitzvos and their hidden meaning.”

(However, at that time as well, “they will have to know the laws of that which is prohibited and permissible, impure and pure.” The revealed part of Torah will be open and known to everyone in advance, and no one will forget it. There will be no need to be involved in [the laws].*)

*...In fact, it is quite possible that all the revealed Torah will be known through the inner dimension of the Torah, [the same way] Avrohom Avinu [knew the laws]. Thus, there will be no need to delve into [the laws] at all.

(Sicha second day Shavuos 5751; edited)


6 Adar Sheini: Hastening the Redemption by spreading the wellsprings outward
Regarding the question as to when Moshiach Tzidkeinu is coming...This question is an old one. The holy Baal Shem Tov informed us about the experience of his soul ascending On High on Rosh HaShana, and asking Moshiach Tzidkeinu himself, “When are you coming, Master?” Moshiach answered, “This is how you will know: when your teachings will be widespread and revealed in the world, and your wellsprings will spread outward.”

Therefore, whoever wants to hasten the Redemption...should do his utmost, with all his energy and might, and beyond, to disseminate the Baal Shem Tov’s wellsprings. This means the teachings of Chassidus and its ways and customs, in his immediate surroundings as well as in his wider environment. As Moshiach said, “chutza.” Every single action [to this end] hastens the Redemption.

(Igros Kodesh 18, letter #3343)


7 Adar Sheini: So That The Other Fellow Shouts “Moshiach Now!”
…This behavior must prevail even when going to speak with others: first and foremost one should shout, “Moshiach now!”...and it should be shouted in such a way that the other fellow himself begins to shout, “Moshiach now!”

(Sicha Parshas Tzav, Shabbos HaGadol 5745; unedited)


8 Adar Sheini: Moshiach should have come many months and years ago
After all the effort in these matters, through the work of the shluchim around the world, Moshiach should have come many months and years ago, yet he still has not come!

Therefore, together with the fervent cry of the Jewish people, “ad masai?!” — “Do not be silent, do not be still, and do not be quiet, Hashem” — we must also increase all our efforts in disseminating the wellsprings outward. By doing so, we will hasten the coming of Moshiach, that he should come and be revealed as Melech HaMoshiach, whose quality is ‘the might of kingship’ – “The king speaks and the mountain is uprooted.”

(Sicha of Shabbos Bereishis, Hisvaadus 2, hemshech l’Simchas Torah, 5745; unedited)


9 Adar Sheini: How to make it easier to reveal the spark of Moshiach
A Jew’s mission, as we said, is to reveal the spark of Moshiach within him, and through this, to hasten and bring about the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. But in order to make this Divine service easier, there must be a connection with the leader of the generation, the Moshiach HaKlali of the generation.

(Sicha leil Simchas Torah [before Hakafos] 5746; unedited)





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